POHRC organizes and participates in projects relating to the work of ankoku butoh founder, Hijikata Tatsumi, with the aim of promoting international discussion and exchange.  

POHRC 6: Intensive Workshops & Performances in Akita 2018

This year, we are continuing the tradition of our 2015 and 2017 workshop events by offering a week-long butoh event in Hijikata’s home prefecture, Akita. We will have a four-day workshop in Ugo town—the town where Hijikata’s famous photobook Kamaitachiwas shot—and we will be going on a bus tour around the historic buildings of Yokote town and to the local Oyasukyo onsen (hot spring). The first three days of the workshop we will train with Kanazawa Butoh Kan (Yamamoto Moe and Shirasaka Kei), our teachers from 2014, and on the final day there will be an informal performance opportunity for participants. Following this we will have a screening of the archival film “Costume in Front” and host a discussion between Yamamoto Moe and the Hijikata archivist Morishita Takashi, which will be an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into Hijikata’s “notational butoh,” or “butoh-fu.”

Over the weekend, there will be the “Kamaitachi Cultural Festival” held at the Kamaitachi Museum. This will include: butoh performances by Kanazawa Butoh Kan and Uesagi Mitsuyo, local traditional music and dancing, and a concert by a free jazz group, who workshop participants will be welcome to perform alongside. There will also be a symposium and talks by the poet Yoshimasu Gōzō and the photography critic Iizawa Kōtarō, who will be discussing the culture of Akita (and the surrounding Tōhoku region more widely) as the backdrop to the Kamaitachi photoshoot. In the Kamaitachi Museum itself there will be two exhibitions running: one presenting the Kamaitachi photographs and the other celebrating 50 years since Hijikata’s work Revolt of the Body.

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This year, we will be going deeper into Hijikata Tatsumi’s “notational butoh” as a way to discover his creative method through workshops led by Yamamoto Moe and Shirasaka Kei from Kanazawa Butoh Kan. We will be getting to know the local area through a bus tour to visit cultural sites and an onsen (hot spring) around Yokote in Akita (Hijikata’s home prefecture). And we will be screening the archival film of “Costume in Front,” Hijikata’s 1976 choreography in which Yamamoto Moe is the principal dancer. 

September 16: Arrive Akita

September 17: Cultural Bus Tour

September 18–20: Workshop with Kanazawa Butoh Kan (10:00–13:00 & 15:00–18:00 daily)

September 21: Screening & Discussion of "Costume in Front," and Butoh Workshop with Uesugi Mitsuyo

September 22–23: Kamaitachi Cultural Festival

Performances by Kanazawa Butoh Kan, Uesugi Mitsuyo, and local music and dance groups, as well as performance opportunity for workshop participants.

September 24: Depart Akita


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Organiser / Supporter

Organiser / Supporter

Workshops organized by POHRC 

Organiser: Kamaitachi Museum NPO

Collaborator: Keio University Art Center