POHRC organizes and participates in projects relating to the work of ankoku butoh founder, Hijikata Tatsumi, with the aim of promoting international discussion and exchange.  

POHRC 5: Intensive Workshops & Performances Akita September 17-25, 2017

Before Hijikata passed away in January 1986, he had a final burst of activity as a teacher and choreographer. This resulted in a series of performances under the title Tohoku Kabuki Plan, which was cut short after number IV. Around this time Hijikata also made his last appearance in a documentary filmed in Yamagata prefecture, The Sundial Carved with a Thousand Notches. This turn to the North of Japan, where Hijikata grew up, was nonetheless coincident with butoh becoming increasingly well known nationally and internationally. This year, POHRC will consider Hijikata’s work in the 1980s against the backdrop of Yamagata and Tohoku to reflect on the spread of butoh across Japan and internationally from the 1980s onwards. Participants will be invited to join a tour of Mount Haguro in Yamagata guided by a mountain monk (yamabushi) and to enjoy a screening of the archival film of Hijikata’s last stage work Tohoku Kabuki Plan IV. Workshops with Yuri and Seisaku and Ima Tenko will focus on how to develop a butoh body through reflecting on the methods of Hijikata, Ashikawa, and Byakko-sha in the 1980s.


Join us for a week-long event in Hijikata's hometown Akita this September! We will kick-start the week with a tour of Mount Haguro, led by a mountain monk, and a visit (for those who are not too squeamish) to the self-mummified Buddhist monks of Yamagata prefecture. This will be followed by 3 days of intensive workshops with butoh artists Yuri Nagaoka and Seisaku, and a final one-day workshop with Ima Tenko. We will then join the 2-day festival of butoh and other performances at the Kamaitachi Museum, organised by the Kamaitachi Museum and the Hijikata Tatsumi Archive, which includes a performance opportunity for participants, and the chance to watch performances by Ima Tenko, Shoichi Fukushi, Masahide Omori; local dancers (Bangaku Kagura and Nishi monai Bon Odori dance); and the Japanese Jazz group Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra. There will also be a symposium with Norio Akasaka, Shigeya Mori, and Jow-jiun Gong for those interested.  

Accommodation is on offer with breakfast and dinner included at the workshop venue, an old High School deep in the countryside. Men and women will be accommodated in separate bunk-bed dorms. For those wishing to look into other accommodation options, please contact us. Transport will be organised for the cultural tour day, pick up and drop-off from local stations, and for the weekend events at the Kamaitachi Museum. 

The overall price is 50,000 JYP (including 8 days' accommodation + two meals a day, cultural tour, workshop fee, and related transport; performances are free to attend). We are offering an early bird discount price of 45,000 JYP until August 1st, so book early!

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17th: Arrival

18th: Cultural Trip to Mount Haguro, and to see the self-mummified buddhist monks of Yamagata. 

19th-21st: Yuri and Seisaku WS 10:00-13:00 & 15:00-18:00

22nd: Screening of Tohoku Kabuki Plan IV 13:00-14:30 / Ima Tenko WS 16:00-20:00

23rd-24th: Butoh Performances by Ima Tenko, Shoichi Fukushi, Masahide Omori; local dancers (Bangaku Kagura and Nishi monai Bon Odori dance), Japanese Jazz orchestra Shibusa Shirazu Orchestra 

25th: Departure


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Organiser / Supporter

Workshops organized by POHRC 

Supported by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

Performance festival organized by Kamaitachi Museum NPO

Supported by Hijikata Tatsumi Archive