POHRC organizes and participates in projects relating to the work of ankoku butoh founder, Hijikata Tatsumi, with the aim of promoting international discussion and exchange.  

New Perspectives on Hijikata’s Ankoku Butoh 2015

Ankoku butoh founder, Tatsumi Hijikata, was born and raised in Akita, where we will hold this year’s workshops and events. His choreographic method and form of dance notation (butō-fu) has no comparison with other forms, and can only be accessed through the work he left behind. It is with this in mind that POHRC aims to ‘allow the young generation to “meet with Hijikata” through the work of his disciples’.  We invite disciples who trained in the Hijikata method, to give dance demonstrations and offer workshops, to ‘share the Hijikata method with the young generation’. This August we invite Koichi and Hiroko Tamano from California who both trained at Asbestos-kan (with Koichi Tamano as a first-generation Hijikata disciple), SU-EN from Sweden, who trained directly with Hijikata’s principle dancer Yoko Ashikawa, and Yukio Waguri from Tokyo, who trained with Hijikata and has spent many years disseminating Hijikata’s notational method (butō-fu). We welcome participants to join Koichi and Hiroko Tamano, Waguri and SU-EN in Oga-hantō (Akita) for these workshops and events, as an opportunity to experience the landscape and spirit of Hijikata’s Akita. Using the Former Oga municipal Kamo Aosa Primary School (built the year of Hijikata’s birth) and the beautiful Dairyūji Temple as both workshop and performance venues, we hope that participants from the prefecture and beyond will take this opportunity to engage in cultural exchange with the community of Oga city.

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New Perspectives on Hijikata’s Ankoku Butoh 2015 (Workshops & Events)

Dates: August 20-27, 2015

Venues:  Dairyūji Temple and the Former Oga municipal Kamo Aosa Primary School




Organiser / Supporter

Organizer: Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Memorial Committee Akita

Collaborators: Oga City and Hijikata Tatsumi Archive at Keio University Art Centre

Sponsors: Amateur Cultural Association Activities Grant' from the Japanese Government's Agency for Cultural Affairs

Production/Management: Hijikata Tatsumi Butoh Memorial Committee Akita and POHRC