POHRC organizes and participates in projects relating to the work of ankoku butoh founder, Hijikata Tatsumi, with the aim of promoting international discussion and exchange.  

Intensive Workshops & Seminar Inspired by Hijikata Tatsumi 2013

We are really happy to have met all of the people who took part in the three weeks of workshops with Waguri Yukio, Yuri and Seisaku, and Mikami Kayo, as well as lectures and screenings. 

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Workshop with Yukio Waguri (July 16-21)

Workshop with Seisaku and Yuri Nagaoka (July 23-30)

Hijikata's Last Words Seminar (July 31)

Workshop with Kayo Mikami (August 1-3)

Final Day Lecture, Screening & Discussion (August 4)